CAMO Software


I am having problems starting or completing a download. What can I do?

Your troubles may be related to your system, your ISP and connection to the Internet, a temporary outage within our download system, or the interaction of your system with ours. Here are some suggestions that should help:

Use a newer web browser, such as Firefox 3 or Internet Explorer 8.

Try downloading from another site. If you still have problems:

  • You may be downloading through a corporate firewall and/or proxy server. Contact your system administrator to make sure downloads are allowed through the firewall and that your system is configured properly to allow downloads.

  • Contact your internet service provider's technical support and explain the problem. Ask for assistance on their end.

  • Make sure you have plenty of disk space. Allow at least 2-3 times more disk space than the file size itself. (For a 30 MByte zip file, for example, you may need as much as 100 MBytes of free disk space.)

  • Eliminate potential browser issues: Close your web browser completely, wait a short while, restart the browser, clear its cache, remove extraneous cookies, then try again from the beginning.

  • Try again later. Intermittent problems happen regularly on the Internet for a variety of reasons.