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Industrial Manufacturing

Industrial Manufacturing

The increasing complexity of industrial manufacturing products, plants and regulations combined with the high cost of energy and raw materials requires industrial manufacturers to operate more efficiently than ever. The challenges faced today are helping accelerate the adoption of process automation technology and greater innovation in the R&D stage in order to cut manufacturing costs and improve product quality.

Multivariate data analysis and designed experiments have long been used in Six Sigma and similar programs to help industrial manufacturers design and develop better quality products, faster and more cost effectively. Similarly, the advanced predictive capabilities of MVA can be used to improve process control and reduce time to market. CAMO Software is at the forefront of the multivariate data processing field, and can be seamlessly integrated into nearly any existing infrastructure or instrument. Additionally, our intuitive user interface and visual representation of data means that we can deliver results quickly and clearly enough for real change to be implemented in an industrial setting – even with large, complex data sets.

Multivariate analysis tools are used by industrial manufacturing engineers to:

  • Understand and predict system behavior before beginning hardware development
  • Identify potential integration errors and opportunities to improve manufacturing designs
  • Find faults in production line yielding spurious product defects
  • Visualize nonlinear variation patterns in manufacturing data
  • Run online monitoring of multi-phase batch processes
  • Solve job allocation and scheduling problems in a flexible manufacturing system
  • Estimate the process yield of multiple characteristics with one-sided specifications
  • Apply real-time condition based maintenance

As pioneers in MVA, our software and solutions have been tried and tested for over 25 years. They offer the power of advanced regression, process-monitoring and classification tools but are elegantly simple and easy to use. Now you can benefit from the power of multivariate analysis from the very beginning of product development and right through the value chain to identify errors and reduce the overall risk, and cost of projects.

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