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As the demand for paper declines in mature markets partly with the increase in consumption of digital media, the need for pulp and paper manufacturers to optimize their use raw materials and processes is greater than ever. Particularly due to the rapid competition from new producers in tropical and subtropical regions, producers of traditional pulp and paper products in temperate regions must consider new avenues within the field – bioenergy and bio-chemical product pathways, which can be integrated into existing pulp and paper operation.

These modernizations rely on everything from process monitoring to advanced chemometric analysis, whilst dealing with huge amounts of complex, multidimensional data. Characterizing contamination in bark and wood residue over time, for example, can be used to define which residue can be recovered for biofuel and thereby minimize both costs and impact on the environment. However, this requires both scientific accuracy as well as the newest and fastest data processing algorithms.

This is where CAMO Software comes in. As experts within the field of multivariate statistical analysis, we strive to improve environmental sustainability and economic viability for our clients in the pulp and paper industry. Our Unscrambler® X software suite is the definitive tool for powerful standalone data analysis and real time monitoring.

From the logging and de-barking stage, through to process control and finally to end product quality, multivariate analysis can be used for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Characterization of raw materials at the logging and de-barking stage
  • Predicting and maintaining quality of paper using infrared spectroscopy
  • Produce cellulose with correct grade for chemical operations
  • Monitoring of energy and byproduct emissions for further repurposing
  • Model-based evaluation of optimization for water circuits
  • Analyzing optimum level of production in relation to maximum capacity
  • Component analysis of semi-chemical and chemical pulps

As pioneers in MVA, our software and solutions have been tried and tested for over 25 years. Now you can benefit from the power of multivariate analysis to help reduce raw material costs, improve operational efficiency and end product quality. Contact us to find out how we can help or to arrange a free demonstration.