CAMO Software


Research organizations are increasingly using multivariate data analysis to get deeper, more accurate insights needed to make the scientific breakthroughs that drive industry and education. At CAMO Software, we are proud to have worked for many years with prestigious universities and research institutions around the world, providing them with the analytical tools needed for their important work. We believe that the potential for future solutions to real-world problems lies within academia, and that CAMO Software can bring that tomorrow at least a few steps closer.

The Unscrambler® X suite is compatible with a wide range of instruments and file formats, giving results that are both highly accurate and easy to understand. It is ideally suited for students due to the intuitive and flexible interface, as well as the ever heightening demand for employees with prior MVA knowledge when entering the workforce.

Researchers around the world have employed our software in, amongst other things:

Applying predictive modeling to geology and hydrology
Analysis of large data sets in metabolomic research
Preserving history through examining the degradation of wood
Developing a new generation of sustainable biofuels

CAMO Software actively supports the research and university fields, and offer discounted software and solutions for people and organizations in these areas. Contact us to find out how we can help or to arrange a free demonstration.