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Semiconductors & Electronics

Semiconductors & Electronics

The movement towards environmentally friendly products, including ‘green’ cars and more efficient energy use, coupled with the growing use of mobile phones and personal communications, is driving demand for semiconductors and sophisticated electronics worldwide. Semiconductor manufacturers today need to be constantly developing new materials and technologies to meet these needs.

With their extremely high quality requirements, the semiconductor and electronics industries have used multivariate analysis for many years to develop models and monitor processes in real-time to improve product development, minimize waste and optimize output.

This holds true within all aspects of the sector. For example, improved manufacturing process control can be achieved through first increasing process observability by using a combination of new instruments and cluster analysis. These techniques use acoustic waves to relay information about several physical parameters from within an injection mold. As these variables cannot be controlled individually, CAMO software is used to calculate their relationship to one another, and how that relates to the product.

This is just one implementation - our multivariate analysis and design of experiments software can be used by semiconductor and electronics manufacturers in a wider range of applications, including:

  • Monitoring clean room conditions
  • Designing new semi-conductor materials using design of experiments
  • Modeling semiconductor process variability using multivariate nested distributions
  • Monitor outcome of an electrostatic separation process in real-time
  • Evaluating and predicting consumer and supplier cost of electric service interruptions
  • Real-time intrusion detection in power system operations
  • Building in-line prediction models for film thickness using PLSR or MLR

As pioneers in multivariate analysis, our software and solutions have been tried and tested for over 25 years, and are recognized for their ease of use, data visualization and powerful methods.

If you are already using multivariate analysis or process monitoring solutions, contact us to discuss how CAMO Software could provide a more flexible and affordable alternative.