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CAMO Support and Maintenance Program

The Support and Maintenance Program ensures that our customers get the most value from our market-leading software and provides access to effective tools for the user of The Unscrambler® X software suite.

The Program compliments the Unscrambler® X software environment and provides both a comprehensive, cost-effective way of keeping your technology investment up-to-date and easy access to technical assistance.

The CAMO Support and Maintenance Program includes the following services:

Product and version upgrades

Upgrades for purchased products at no additional cost. Customers without subscription to the Support and Maintenance Program will be charged for upgrades.

CAMO Support Portal

Your first stop for product news, downloads, resources, training and to register a case with CAMO Support.

Report a product issue

Notify CAMO about software issues by registering a case in the Support Portal.


Software patches and bug fixes for specific products are made available on our dedicated Support Portal.

Submit an enhancement or feature request

Possibility to submit requests or view the status of previously submitted requests.


Access to a wide range of recorded webinars. The webinars include training courses, demonstrations of new products and features, multivariate models and applications etc.

Transfer a license

Clients are permitted to transfer their license from one computer to another within their organization. This is useful if the computer on which the software license is installed should be replaced at some time.

The CAMO Beta program

This program allows clients to beta test CAMO products which are in the final development stage prior to public release.

View ticket status online

Clients who have logged a case with CAMO Support can use this tool to check the status of their case.

Cost and registration

Subscription cost for the Program is dependent on the product and number of licenses purchased. For more information regarding the Support and Maintenance Program, please contact your CAMO account manager or visit our website.

Multi-year subscriptions

For users interested in signing up for longer subscription periods, CAMO offers discounts for 3- and 5-year agreements. Please contact your CAMO account manager for details.

Terms of Subscription

  • Purchase of subscription to the Support and Maintenance Program requires the current or the two previous versions of the software package. Customers who are using older versions are encouraged to contact CAMO for further information.
  • Mandatory minimum subscription period for the Support and Maintenance Program is one (1) year, with membership fees paid up front on an annual basis. Thereafter, the subscription is renewed automatically for the same time period as the previous term, unless the member provides notice of termination in writing at least 90 days prior to expiry of the Support and Maintenance Program.

Access to the CAMO Support Portal

Subscribers can access the CAMO Support Portal here or through the CAMO main website, where the link is found under the heading Contact us.

Terms and conditions apply.

Our customers are all on the Maintenance Program, so they rest assured they always have software that stays abreast of the fast developing multivariate data analysis environment
Jaco Minnaar
Timmerman Analytical
CAMO Software Reseller
South Africa