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New and enhanced The Unscrambler® X with powerful Design-Expert® version 11

Oslo, Norway – May 31, 2018 - CAMO Software today announced a new version of its easy to use, all-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) software, The Unscrambler® X. The Unscrambler X® 10.5.1 is closely integrated to the new and powerful Design of Experiments software, Design-Expert® 11 (Stat-Ease, Inc.), giving users more analytical power by combining advanced Multivariate Data Analysis with Design of Experiments.

“The Unscrambler® X 10.5 has a set of new features enhancing performance and capabilities in explorative analysis”, says Product Manager Lars Gidskehaug from CAMO Software. “For our user community of engineers, scientists, researchers and data analysts I think the most eye-opening element in 10.5.1 is the highly advanced functionality in Design-Expert® 11. To some it will be an introduction to the world of Design of Experiments. For users already working with Design-Expert this version will have a new look and feel with multiple windows, multiple graph views, improved toolboxes and a long list of new features.”

New feature: Multiple Y-axes for plotting up to 5 different axes/variables.

The Unscrambler® X 10.5 is enhanced to improve analytical capabilities across R&D, quality control and production for a wide range of application areas in life sciences, chemicals, energy and food production as well as academia and research. New features in The Unscrambler® X 10.5 include automatic screening for outliers in data tables, plotting with multiple Y-axes, multi-block analysis and improved import and export capabilities.

New feature: F-test detects both decreasing and increasing variances.

“With this release we extend the powerful collaboration between CAMO Software and Stat-Ease combining the domain expertise of two companies in a comprehensive package for both Multivariate Analysis and Design of Experiments. Design of Experiments is a crucial but too often overlooked part of the overall analysis ensuring representative data for your target goal, with the tools to balance laboratory investments against information content that can save you months of chasing answers from useless data. This is an important complement to Multivariate Analysis, which has the best tools for understanding and predicting latent variability affecting your systems or processes, indicating deviations and outliers, predicting system failure and more. In The Unscrambler® X 10.5 we have focused on performance as data amounts are growing providing better utilization of memory and CPU, parallelization of cross-validation and improved dialog responsiveness", says Gidskehaug.

Current users of The Unscrambler® are encouraged to upgrade to the new version. A free 30-day trial version of The Unscrambler® X 10.5.1 is available for download from

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