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Learn how to do more with your data with Multivariate Data Analysis for Dummies.

See how the world's leading organizations are developing better products,
optimizing processes, making more informed decisions and better predictive
models using powerful multivariate analytics.

MVA for Dummies

CAMO Software, a pioneer and world-leader in multivariate data analysis, are pleased to offer this free e-book download of "Multivariate Data Analysis for Dummies".

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The Experts Review The Unscrambler® X

"Cutting through complex data sets to underlying simplicity itself"

"This intelligent engine borders upon data mining, as it cuts through prediction and classification problems"

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Founded in 1984, we are a leader in Multivariate Data Analysis and Design of Experiments software. More than 25,000 data analysts, engineers, researchers and scientists use The Unscrambler® X suite to explore and analyze large data sets, improve product development, manufacturing processes, quality control and market segmentation.

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