CAMO Software

Business Partners

Stat-Ease, Inc.

Stat-Ease, Inc. offers design of experiments (DOE) software, books, training, and consulting services. By applying these powerful statistical methods, you can improve the quality of your products, develop efficient processes, quickly solve manufacturing problems, and make breakthrough discoveries.

Stat-Ease’s software package Design-Expert® is bundled with The Unscrambler® X, giving customers access to two world-leading software packages providing advanced data analysis in one single integrated solution.

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ABB’s PAT solutions, xPAT provides integration with enterprise systems & a host of analyzers for continuous process improvement, realtime product release and Quality by Design. (QbD).

The Unscrambler Predictor is integrated into ABB's FTSW products thus giving the user all of the predictive and diagnostic tools found in The Unscrambler®.

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Symbion-DX and RX provides standardized platforms for controlling a wide range of spectrometers and other analytical instruments.

The combination of the Symbion and CAMO software products provides a comprehensive capability for process analytical methods development and on-line deployment.

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Jplus Consulting

Jplus Consulting specializes in the development of advanced global analysis software tools for the fitting of chemical reaction mechanisms to multivariate spectroscopic measurements. In contrast to many chemometric methods, Jplus focuses on ‘hard modeling’ approaches. These include applications that complement The Unscrambler®

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