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The CAMO OEM Program

For over twenty five years, CAMO Software and our Unscrambler® product range has been a trusted name at the forefront of multivariate data analysis. Today, our solutions are used by over 3,000 organizations worldwide.

Our leading multivariate analysis technologies can be integrated with third-party software and hardware or offered as a value-added solution.

Many of our OEM partners provide scientific instruments for chemometrics, spectroscopy or sensometrics. Our Unscrambler® X software is ideal for analyzing spectral data and works with data from NIR, IR, FT-IR, UV, UV/VIS, NMR, LC, GC, HPLC, DAS, CE, Raman and Mass Spectroscopy instruments.

Our flexible technology architecture also allows our solutions to be seamlessly integrated with third-party DCS, SCADA and MES systems, giving them the power of multivariate analysis and predictive models.


Application areas of our OEM solutions

  • General data mining and analysis
  • Process optimization and monitoring
  • Predictive modeling and forecasting


Why partner with CAMO Software

  • We enhance your product offering with our leading analytical software so you can focus on your core business
  • We give you the opportunity to win profitable new business and differentiate your offering by partnering with genuine experts with a recognized brand name in analytics
  • We have long experience working with OEM partners, offer extensive support and have a genuine will to work with our partners
  • We develop flexible, customizable applications with seamless integration points and work closely with you to help integrate our solutions into your instruments and systems
  • We add value to your clients through advanced analytics delivered through your instrument or system, enabling them to improve operational performance and make more informed decisions
  • Our R&D laboratory combines both scientific consultancy and programming expertise


Benefits of the CAMO Software OEM Partner Program

  • Favourable volume discounts
  • Sales & marketing collateral
  • Technical & sales training
  • Technical support and collaboration
  • Marketing support and joint campaigns
  • Senior account management


Program eligibility & requirements

Membership of the CAMO Software OEM Partner Program is open to businesses that accept the CAMO Software OEM Partner Agreement once their application is approved.

There are four broad criteria to join the CAMO Software OEM Partner Program:

  • Up front purchase of software licenses
  • Agreed minimum annual sales volume
  • Must be an established technology/hardware business
  • Purchase the CAMO Software Development Package

For more information on these criteria and your eligibility, please contact the Vice President of Sales in your regional CAMO Software office.



Combining precision instruments with powerful analytics Combining precision instruments with powerful analytics


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While we have the option of working with other multivariate analysis tools, Perten Instrument Group decided to work with CAMO because of the excellent relationship we have with them, and the very positive feedback from our calibration experts.
Stefan Tordenmalm
Business Area Manager
Perten Instruments
CAMO Software OEM Program
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