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The Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server: Make sense of complex process data with a vendor free platform allowing any instrument or process device to utilise powerful multivariate analysis models.

The Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server lets companies use powerful multivariate (chemometric) models to analyze data from any instrument or process device that follows the OPC Analyzer Device Integration (ADI) specification, then feed the results back into the process control system.

The Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server is the first chemometric software to follow the OPC-UA ADI specifications, allowing companies to improve the return on their analytical instrument investment by using a vendor neutral platform.

How The Unscrambler® X ADI Insight Server works

ADI Insight Server works by seamlessly integrating a model server into a process control platform using the OPC-UA ADI specification. A repository of Unscrambler® X models is then available to use concurrently.

The process control platform ´calls´ an analyzer or process device for a measurement, and also calls the ADI Insight Server for the predictive model specific to that product/analyzer combination. The results of the analysis are then sent back to the control system via an OPC connection.

This enables organizations to implement real-time process monitoring and control with advanced predictive analysis capabilities in a vendor neutral platform, while benefiting from CAMO´s world-leading multivariate methods.

Enhanced process understanding and control with multivariate data analysis

Today´s complex manufacturing processes are typically influenced by a large number of variables that ultimately determine quality. To make sense of this complex data and the many variables influencing it, advanced multivariate models are required. This gives a clearer picture of the ´health´ of a process in real-time, enables predictive analysis and deeper process understanding.

However, the instruments and devices used in manufacturing often have limited analytical capabilities which are insufficient to truly understand the large volumes of data produced. ADI Insight Server solves this problem by leveraging CAMO Software´s leading multivariate modeling capabilities.

Summary benefits to clients
  • Deeper data insights using advanced Unscrambler® X data analysis capabilities
  • Improved return on investment in analytical instruments by using a vendor neutral platform
  • Use of powerful multivariate predictive models to identify potential process failures and feed this information back into a control system for real-time decision making
  • More effectively implement Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT) and continuous improvement programs