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Smart Manufacturing

The manufacturing sector is at a crucial point where new technologies, changing attitudes and increased competition is creating significant challenges for traditional manufacturers and equally significant opportunities for ´smart manufacturers´.

Data mining, analysis and predictive modelling plays a central role in Smart Manufacturing. It gives producers the knowledge, understanding, insight and foresight to improve products, processes and decisions, thereby creating a competitive advantage. Today’s advanced manufacturers are utilizing the wealth of data they collect to drive operational improvements across the entire value chain including market segmentation, R&D, engineering, production, quality and preventative maintenance.

Benefits of Smart Manufacturing

  • Increased sustainability: Less waste, pollution and greater energy efficiency
  • Improved worker safety: Safer equipment use and materials/compounds they are exposed to
  • Increased competitiveness: Reduce production and maintenance costs and faster time to market
  • Improved product quality & safety: Better product understanding from raw material to end product
  • Increased customer satisfaction: Capability to meet the growing demand for personalized products
  • Increased innovation: Enable knowledge and technology transfer

CAMO Software can help manufacturers get ’smart’ through a range of services including:

  • Multivariate data analysis, process control and Design of Experiments software
  • Data mining and analysis consultancy for faster results, less implementation and operational risks
  • Development of simulation and predictive models for various industries
  • Product and process optimization
  • Verification and validation of existing data
  • Implementation of software and solutions

With well established working relationships with some of the world’s leading-edge companies, CAMO Software can provide an integrated approach to design, development and manufacturing. We have a proven track record enabling client companies to deliver products to market in a timely manner with substantial cost savings.

Project Examples

  • Implementation of process performance monitoring tools based on multivariate analysis
  • In-line and On-line process and spectroscopic equipment integration
  • Data mining and analysis consultancy
  • Onsite training customised to clients needs
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